Strategy for growth

The Sofidel Group is now present in 13 countries3 throughout the world and has reached a production capacity of over a billion tonnes per year. In the last twenty years the market has undergone a radical transformation, and the Sofidel Group has met the challenges posed by its own growth in a new and constantly changing context with a careful and measured strategic planning process.
The Group’s business activities have gone through four major strategic growth phases.

In Phase 1 (1966-1990), the company focussed on creating a solid production base in Italy, mainly oriented towards the development of plant quality and technological and operating efficiency.

In Phase 2 (1990-2007), the internationalisation process was started in Europe, through the creation of new, well distributed greenfield production sites.

In Phase 3 (2007-2015), the company made some important acquisitions in Europe.

In Phase 4 (2015-2020), the Group grew further, increasing its production capacity in operating sites in Europe (organic growth) and started the internationalisation process in the United States, progressively taking control of different areas.

3. Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey and the United States.

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