Distinctive factors

Growth in Italy, partnership with large-scale retail distribution, the development of the Regina brand, commanding presence in the European markets, full internationalisation with expansion first in Europe and then in the United States, and the integration of sustainability as a lever for competitive growth to ensure added value, are the common denominators of the Sofidel Group.

The decision to invest in the Piana di Lucca (Plains of Lucca), a flat area rich in groundwater, has proved a winning choice.

The tax incentives, presence of companies with strong, specific technical and production skills, above all Fabio Perini, and partnerships formed within the Piana di Lucca district are the factors which have contributed to the Sofidel Group’s growth.

In addition, the Group’s current managerial and operational approach is founded on a system of values and principles which characterise the company in all its activities and which still mark it out today.

The strong growth recorded since 2000 and the internationalisation process have not changed this system of values and principles.

Distinctive factors

  • Priority given to long-term economic results.
  • Competitive positioning based on quality.
  • Focus on tissue production.
  • Rationalisation of business portfolio, with clear identification of four strategic growth areas: Brand, Private Label, Away-From-Home (AFH), Semi-finished reels.
  • Policy of growth and entry into new markets and related segments.
  • High level of attention given to environmental and social sustainability.
  • Particular attention is given to order, cleanliness (of plants, offices, warehouses, yards) and avoiding waste.
  • Healthy and constructive relationship with stakeholders (banks, suppliers, large-scale retail distribution, employees, institutions, local communities, etc.).

We have never wanted, and still do not want, to be a commodity paper producer.
We want to give customers and consumers something different, more valuable.
To provide solutions for hygiene and personal care both at home (bathroom, kitchen, garage, etc.) and outside the home (hospital, workshop, hotel, restaurant, etc.) with practical and innovative products, designed to improve people’s lives.
This is our philosophy, our way of working: starting from the problems of everyday life, explicit and implicit needs, in order to provide better and ever innovative solutions. Endless care for people and constant innovation.

Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO Sofidel Group

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