Numerous awards for Sofidel products

Regina Blitz Extra Large Triple Layer Sheets won the Product of the Year 2019 award in the UK in the Household Paper category. Product of the Year is the UK's largest piece of consumer market research into innovation in products for mass consumption. The Product of the Year award for innovation in the House Cleaning Accessories category also went to Asciugoni Regina in Italy. The award was given for its absorption capacity - thanks to the new maxi-sheets - and its “legendary” durability.

In the Away-From-Home line, Papernet Freshen Tech won the PPI (Pulp & Paper International)

Award 2019 in the Tissue Innovation category. The PPI Awards, promoted by Fastmarkets RISI, are for excellence in tissue at an international level. Sofidel also received a mention from Coop Italia for the fight against waste and was among the finalists in the first edition of the MIAC award.

Innovation Award for Italian paper producers that have introduced innovations in terms of process, product and energy efficiency.

Numerous awards for Sofidel products

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