Research and development

In creating new products, the Sofidel Group’s Research and Development Department is inspired by the guiding principle less is more (see the “Sustainability as a strategic development model” section) and in 2018, fully in line with this principle, it worked on a series of projects focused on the principles of sustainability and the circularity of resources. Sofidel’s commitment has resulted in the financing of at least ten important projects concerning new packaging materials, new products, new types of packaging, new paper processes, spare parts management and internal logistics of the finished product. Finally, new methods of analysis have also been developed for more accurate project planning.

Each of these projects has been set up and implemented by pursuing specific and targeted objectives, in order to obtain concrete and satisfactory results, also through continuous dialogue with the other strategic functions.

It should be remembered that a new work process has been created within the company that involves several functions and includes, in addition to the R&D Department: Operations, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Engineering and Purchasing.

Joint projects with international universities and partnerships with highly specialised suppliers are practically essential when it comes to designing true product innovations or new generation technologies and processes. Awareness of this fact has led to Sofidel’s participation in the Tissue Products and Processes cluster with RISE (an important Swedish research centre).

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