Research and development

In 2019, inspired once again by the guiding principle Less is more and awareness that sustainability is the strategic development model of Sofidel, the Group's Research and Development Department - following the CEO's definition of new parameters for the use of plastics of petrochemical origin and the launch of a roadmap that will lead to a 50% reduction in their use in production by 2030 - focused on the design, definition and implementation of the "Less Plastic, More Sustainability" project.

This project involved the start of research into new materials, available on the market or developed ad hoc by the project partners, for recyclable primary paper packaging, the evaluation of their use with current machinery and processes, adaptation of the machinery to the characteristics of the new packaging and the adaptation of packaging to obtain the certifications required by customers, in line with consumer awareness.

The "Less Plastic, More Sustainability" project, which will continue in the years to come with the adaptation and development of other materials and processes, will establish a guideline for the sector.

In addition to this initiative, the company is continuing and strengthening its collaboration with universities and research centres at international level and its partnerships with cutting-edge suppliers, essential development engines when it comes to designing radical product innovations, technologies, new generation processes and know-how in the paper industry and, specifically, in the tissue paper sector.

Sofidel continues to participate in the Tissue Products and Processes cluster with RISE (an important Swedish research centre).

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