Staff training and development

In 2018, a total of 58,959 hours of training were provided overall; the average hours provided for each company level were 20.11 for male managers and 12.31 for female ones, 14.24 hours for male office staff and 14.50 for female office staff, and 7.22 for male factory hands and 5.4 for female factory hands.

Furthermore, the average number of hours of training provided per employee was 9.32.

Average hours of training for Sofidel Group staff by gender and qualification – 2018

The areas which attracted greatest interest, other than workplace health and safety, were English language studies, best practices in the operating area for the introduction of new machinery and technical and production improvements. Other training topics concerned specific areas and technical, IT and management system updates.

Training topics

A company owned e-learning platform was implemented at the start of 2018 to supplement traditional training methods. The distance learning method reaches recipients spread across the organisation without them having to leave their place of work to follow the lessons in person, thus facilitating the use and dissemination of knowledge, especially for organisations such as Sofidel with multiple locations in different countries.

The training packages distributed through LMS have been created by the company’s organisational units using advanced models or more traditional methods such as presentations and video recordings depending on the content to be conveyed.

The new method has proven to be particularly effective for distributing corporate regulations and procedures that affect a large number of users, such as those relating to the proper management of business travel and the use of IT equipment.

Since its launch at the beginning of the year, 541 hours of virtual teaching have been delivered.

For trainers, Sofidel made use of the specific skills already available within the company for 48% of the total, as well as qualified external agencies, for the rest.

The investment in training totalled € 1,332,576.89. In terms of valuing human resources, in 2018 the Italian companies of the Group saw one of their colleagues decorated with the “Order of merit for labour”, conferred by the President of the Republic for the diligence and dedication to work demonstrated by 25 years of uninterrupted work.

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