Staff training and development

In 2019, a total of 62,187 hours of training were provided overall; the average hours provided for each company level were 13.93 for male managers and 18.50 for female ones, 16.40 hours for male office staff and 17.15 for female office staff, and 7.34 for male factory hands and 5.31 for female factory hands.

Furthermore, the average number of hours of training provided per employee was 9.64

Average hours of training for Sofidel Group staff by gender and qualification – 2019

The areas which attracted the greatest interest, other than workplace health and safety, were English language studies and best practices in the operating area for the introduction of new machinery and technical and production improvements. Other training topics concerned specific areas and technical updates relating to management systems and the dissemination of company procedures and policies.

Training topics

During 2019, remote training using the e-learning platform became more widespread. In particular, the process owners have recognized the tool’s potential in terms of sharing knowledge and distributing documents: in fact, the number of courses and topics that can be accessed has increased. In 2019, 668 hours of virtual teaching were delivered, equal to 6,059 student hours.

The training initiative carried out in Sofidel America for the Marketing & Sales area was of particular importance: this has been extended to other organisational positions within the Group. The organization of the project involved European and local American corporate employees who worked together to design and define the training content, teaching materials and the final delivery of modules relating to the paper mill and converting plant production processes, the environment and sustainability, procurement and logistics. The initiative - covering 1,200 hours of training in total - was appreciated by the participants and contributed to a wider knowledge of the Group's processes and organisation.

For trainers, Sofidel made use of the specific skills already available within the company for 45% of the total, as well as qualified external agencies for the rest. The investment in training totalled € 851,506.12.

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