Management of human capital

The Sofidel Group’s approach to the management of human resources focuses on the development of its employees and their integration into the company organisational culture, essential elements for the contribution of factors, such as innovation and flexibility, which are increasingly decisive for company competitiveness in a globalised market. The human resources management policy is firmly based on the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and the Group’s guidelines for Human Resources Management, which focus on the key role of human capital in the value creation process as a strategic asset for the company, and promote respect for equal opportunities and diversity as forms of wealth to be cultivated, alongside the values of equal treatment, development of individual abilities, teamwork, open communication and continuous learning. The development of technical and managerial skills is a strategic factor for the Sofidel Group, which provides an average of 9.64 hours of training per employee annually, with the aim of keeping employees updated on topics of general interest such as health and safety, increasing knowledge of English and transferring consolidated methods and results-based culture to operational staff in the production sites. The "Performance Evaluation" project continued throughout 2019. Following the previous phase of analysis and process definition and the related documents, 2019 saw the start of the second strategic phase, research and the identification of a sustainable supplier to manage the computerization of the process.

The IT system chosen ensures continuity and integration with the existing core system for human resources management in order to create the basis for future developments in the computerization of other HR management processes.

The kick-off activities and the design steps led, at the end of 2019, to the release of the first demo of the System designed in the last two years.

Sofidel has also implemented specific management policies targeting the two minority age groups of staff (the under 30s and the over 50s) and joined the “Lifelong Employability & Company Welfare” workgroup promoted by the Sodalitas Foundation, with the aim of finding effective solutions for lifelong employability and the sustainable management of human resources.

Also in collaboration with the Sodalitas Foundation, in 2019 Sofidel decided to join the project 'We 4 Youth’ aimed at the new generations. In particular, the first stage of the project, already started this year, saw the creation of a partnership benchmarking platform for universal skills and student orientation, co-designed by member companies and leading schools.

Furthermore, during 2019, three Group HR Meetings were organised, attended by the HR Managers of all the foreign subsidiaries. During the meetings, the HR projects representing the strategic activity of the Group Human Resources Department during 2019 were defined and then developed.

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