Industrial relations

Sofidel shares with the various trade unions an industrial relations system based on constant and constructive dialogue, in accordance with the principles set out in the contracts managed. In the Italian companies of the Sofidel Group, the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (NCBA) is applied for all employees, in compliance with current law.

In the other Group companies, the employment contract of employees is regulated by national collective bargaining agreements in 31.16% of cases, while the rest of the workers have individual and/or company contracts.

Division of employees of the foreign companies in the Group based on the type of contract (ncba, company and individual contracts)

The EWC (European Works Council) is a body representing employees, provided for by European Directive 94/45/EC established in Community-scale undertakings and groups for the purpose of informing and consulting employees on a transnational basis.

The parties, while sharing the aims of the body and the mutual will to implement it, are discussing the concrete method of operation of the same, without having found, at the moment, an agreement.

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