Human rights, protected categories and equal opportunities

Sofidel bases its work on the principles of the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation and supports the principles of the Global Compact promoted by the UN and the ethical criteria set out in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Sofidel’s Code of Ethics establishes full respect for human rights, the health and safety of people and the well-being of the local communities in which it operates, and it condemns child or forced labour and any gender, religious, cultural, ethnic or sexual discrimination, or physical, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment.

People are the core of the company’s activity, both employees and collaborators who interact with Sofidel at various levels and the communities in the territory in which the company operates. Workers are free to exercise their right to form or join trade unions or other organisations for collective bargaining, or to abstain from membership of such organisations.

Personnel selection, recruitment, training and career planning are carried out without discrimination of any kind. In addition, Sofidel is committed to fostering a work environment that is free from prejudice, respects workers’ individuality and dignity and is free from harassment.

Where compatible with overall work efficiency, Sofidel favours flexibility in work organisation which helps maintain a work-life balance, including flexible working hours and parttime work contracts. The Sofidel Group promotes respect for equal opportunities and diversity as aspects to be cultivated, in line with the principles and values expressed in the Group’s Code of Ethics and human rights policies. In this regard, Sofidel has adopted specific regulations against discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace and bullying. In order to prevent any type of discrimination, all Group companies are involved in training and awareness raising activities, and have specific anonymous reporting (“whistle-blowing”) mechanisms, which enable workers to disclose any breaches of human rights. No reports of discrimination were received during the year.

To date, the Group has not considered it necessary to carry out specific human rights assessments as company business is not carried out in areas defined as at risk.

The company reaffirms its commitment to promoting respect for human rights in all situations in which there is an effect on its business and, more specifically, towards key stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and the community.

Meeting customer needs and requirements is one of the Group’s main objectives, which is pursued with competence, professionalism, transparency and fairness. To enable customers to make informed decisions, product information is accurate and comprehensive and advertising and other communications are truthful.

The supply chain is also chosen on the basis of sharing the principles and values established in Sofidel’s Code of Ethics; all suppliers are required to accept the Code as a prerequisite for collaboration with Group companies. In addition, the supply chain is also selected based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The objective is to make suppliers aware of issues such as human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption, through a self-assessment system that allows them to assess their sustainability performance.

Relations with the community are inspired by the principles of transparency, fairness, impartiality and independence. Companies in the Group do not make any direct or indirect contributions to parties, movements, committees or organisations of a political or trade union nature, or to their representatives, and refrain from putting any direct or indirect pressure on political parties.

As far as protected groups are concerned, the Group fulfils the obligations set out by the relevant legislation in force in the countries where it operates. In 2018, there were 58 employees in these groups - 8 women and 50 men. It should also be noted that most of the protected categories are currently employed in Italy, in compliance with existing legal obligations. The overall percentage of female staff in the Sofidel Group is 17.13%, with relative percentages of 18.05% among managers, 41.51% among white collar staff and 9.50% among blue collar staff, confirming the prevalence of men, particularly among blue collar workers, due to the nature of the jobs performed.

Breakdown of Sofidel Group employees by level and gender – 2018

Level Women Men TOTAL
Blue Collar 434 4,130 4,564
Managers 63 286 349
White Collar 587 827 1,414
OVERALL TOTAL 1,084 5,243 6,327

Breakdown of Sofidel Group employees by level and gender – 2017

Level Women Men TOTAL
Blue Collar 362 4,022 4,384
Managers 65 283 348
White Collar 581 803 1,384
OVERALL TOTAL 1,008 5,108 6,116

Breakdown of Sofidel Group employees by level and gender – 2016

Level Women Men TOTAL
Blue Collar 279 3,738 4,017
Managers 56 274 330
White Collar 516 764 1,280
OVERALL TOTAL 851 4,776 5,627

Breakdown of Sofidel Group employees by gender

In 2018, 58 employees in Italy, 29 women and 29 men, took parental leave (optional absence for maternity/paternity) while in the foreign companies the number was 100, 46 women and 54 men. Only four workers decided to leave the Group at the end of their maternity leave.

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