Sofidel and Environmental Management System certifications

The reliability of this organisational structure is confirmed by the various Environmental Management System certifications obtained under ISO 14001:2015, a guarantee of proper management aimed at continuous improvement. In 2015, the revised version of the ISO 14001 standard was issued. Implemented by all certified plants, this contains important amendments, requiring an assessment of company risk for all aspects related to the environment (reputational risks, continuity of supply, relations with local communities, the market, etc.) and also giving greater weight to the relationship with external stakeholders. In 2018, the Soffass Val Fegana plant (Italy) also achieved ISO 14001 certification: now all the European paper mills and integrated plants are certified. In 2018, maintenance of the existing organisation involved management cost almost € 1,300,000; more than € 450,000 was spent on consultancy and environmental and energy certification.

More than 1,500 hours of specific training were provided, almost all of which was aimed at the correct application of the procedures forming part of the Environmental Management Systems.

During 2018, the Sofidel Group received three environmental complaints. The first was received from the Leicester city council and referred to the management of some waste within the Sofidel UK Hamilton site, while the second, received from the Neath port authority, complained of insufficient outdoor lighting to ensure safe navigation in the vicinity of the plant: both have already been resolved with some management improvements. The third, related to excessive noise emissions at the Sofidel UK Lancaster plants, is under analysis and the technical improvements required to resolve the problems highlighted are being studied.

Sofidel is careful to comply with environmental laws and during 2018 was not involved in any infringement of environmental legislation and was not subject to any significant fines or penalties in this regard.

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