Protection of forest resources

As the second most important European producer of tissue paper and the seventh in the world, Sofidel carefully assesses its supplies of fibrous raw material and monitors its suppliers through an analytical questionnaire on both the performance of the factories producing pulp and the origin of the wood used for the extraction of cellulose.

On this point, Sofidel has adopted a specific policy for protecting forest resources, as the Group’s main raw material for procurement, which establishes the following.

Fibrous raw material procurement policy

  • The Sofidel Group condemns the practice of illegal felling, the conversion of natural forests into plantations and takes measures to ensure that its suppliers can prove the source of the timber used to produce pulp.
  • Sofidel is committed to checking, as far as possible, for the existence of social conflicts in the locations from which the wood originates, avoiding purchases from areas subject to conflict, from protected zones or from genetically modified organisms.
  • Sofidel believes in the use of sustainable forest management systems, certified in accordance with recognised, credible schemes and based on verification by independent third parties.
  • Sofidel encourages its suppliers to certify the source of their forestry resources and gives precedence to suppliers who can produce certificates of good forestry management.

The predominant use of raw material composed of virgin wood fibre and knowledge of the role that the forests play in protecting the global environment and maintaining and enriching biodiversity have driven the Sofidel Group to adopt a precise policy for the purchasing of fibrous raw materials.

In 2018, Sofidel purchased 992,894 ADMT (Air Dry Metric Tons) of virgin fibre and confirmed the seriousness of its commitment to a responsible supply of raw materials, purchases of which were 100% certified by independent third parties with forestry certification schemes. There is also a strong orientation to choosing geographic areas that give full guarantees of legality and sustainability - the predominance of European material (47.7%) confirms this.

Sofidel participated again this year in the CDP Forests Report: “Deforestation-free supply chains: from commitments to action.” The company scored A- on a scale between A and F, a result that once more places it above the industry average for the year.

As regards the commercial use of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC™ (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) quality forestry brands, in 2018 further companies were added to the already numerous list of companies certified as in accordance with these Chain of Custody forestry schemes. The Sofidel Greece plant is now able to produce and market tissue products under the PEFC™ brand, while Sofidel America Circleville and Sofidel Turkey do so under the FSC® and PEFC™ brands. These new certifications will allow greater production flexibility and a more effective response to the demands of customers and consumers who want guarantees of forestry sustainability for their products.

Breakdown of the virgin fibrous and recycled raw material purchased

Division of the virgin fibrous raw material purchased by the sofidel group by forestry certification scheme

Countries of origin of the virgin cellulose purchased

2018 summary

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