Environmental policy

Actions to improve and promote the Sofidel Group’s environmental sustainability were taken in 2018 following the guidelines contained in both the Code of Ethics and the Sustainability Charter, i.e. the main documents that define the rules of conduct and the commitments to be assumed in the field of environmental and social protection. The activities and main goals achieved during the year, however, were also influenced by other important factors, chief among which are the objectives of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sofidel is constantly striving to achieve at least seven of the 17 SDGs (see “Building an inclusive and sustainable future based on the UN’s 17 sustainability goals” section). Alongside these principles, Sofidel draws inspiration from macroeconomic and political trends which, in addition to strongly influencing the regulatory landscape, play a key role in the preferences of citizens, consumers and business.

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