Supplier qualification, selection and assessment

In the first quarter of 2018, the sofidel group completed implementation of the sap ariba platform: the go live of the Supplier Lifecycle and Performance Management (SLP) module has effectively initiated the new integrated supplier prequalification process.

From the qualification to the pre-qualification

The SLP module is the sole interface between the Sofidel Group and its suppliers and the channel for the structured collection of information required for the prequalification process.

The integrated prequalification process is divided into two distinct macro phases, both subject to approval by the Sofidel Group:

  • Registration;
  • Qualification.

The macro registration phase allows the supplier profile to be recorded and ensures that the supplier signs up to the integrated framework of policies that the Sofidel Group has defined by adopting the main international standards and guidelines.

The macro qualification phase is differentiated based on the product category that the supply belongs to: suppliers connected to a product category considered to be subject to reputational risk are invited to carry out a self-assessment using the TenP platform and to enter the score obtained, together with the self-assessment document, on SAP Ariba.

The macro qualification phase is therefore the link that integrates the TenP platform and the Ariba platform, creating a single prequalification process. Final approval of the macro qualification phase gives the supplier “qualified” status on SAP Ariba.

The new process is integrated into the Group’s management system with the issue of a purchasing management procedure that introduces the selection of a prequalified supplier as a necessary condition for the start of a purchasing cycle: prequalification becomes the standard within the Sofidel Group.

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