Company structure

Sofidel is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of members of the controlling families elected by the Shareholders’ Meeting. The BOD currently consists of three men and three women with an age range that extends from 50 to 90. The members of the BOD are chosen by the shareholders; they are all executive and non-independent and have the skills necessary for the responsible management of the business, in compliance with the sustainable development goals. The directors assume full responsibility for the financial, social and environmental performance of the Group, which is subject to approval by the Shareholders’ General Meeting on an annual basis.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS In office for the 2018-2020 financial years Chairman and Board Member Emi Stefani
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Luigi Lazzareschi
Board Members Edilio Stefani
Lorenza Magazzini
Board Members Paola Stefani
Cristina Lazzareschi
BOARD OF AUDITORS In office for the 2019-2021 financial years Chairman Ugo Fava
Permanent auditors Gabriele Nencini
Giulio Grossi
Supervisory Board 231/01 Permanent members Gianfranco Del Grande
Simone Ferretti
In office for the 2019-2021 financial years EY S.p.A.

At present, there are no formal channels for employees to send recommendations to the Board of Directors, but the constant presence of the Chairman and the CEO in the Group’s companies enables good interaction with staff. The Sofidel BOD is flanked by the Board of Auditors, composed of professionals and university lecturers.

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