Corporate Brand strategy and communication

In recent years, Sofidel has adopted a corporate branding and communication strategy with the aim of further enhancing its reputation in Italy and abroad and thus bringing value to the Group, by sharing its strategies, commitment and projects.

Today the value of a company is increasingly linked to intangible values, such as reputation, patents, people and everything that is not directly related to the hard aspects of a company. In this sense, reputation obviously plays a crucial role.

In 2019, the Reputation Institute, world leader in reputation measurement, ranked Sofidel among the top ten Italian companies with a rating of 74.42 on a scale of 0-100 (see RepTrack Italia 2019).

The employees of a company are, we know, the prime "ambassadors" of the Corporate Brand. Sofidel has multiplied its methods of dialogue with its employees: from the company newspaper distributed to all Group employees and translated into 11 languages, to the constantly updated and revised intranet, Sofidel Channel screens in the factories to reach those who do not have a computer to carry out their work, and frequent information in the form of e-mails, e-learning, as well as the Soft & Green blog on sustainability issues.

Obviously, Sofidel always addresses its external stakeholders in different ways best adapted to the specific stakeholder: from the institutional world, to the media, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.

In 2019 Sofidel decided to pursue two new communication initiatives. The first, entitled "NextGen", was aimed in particular at young people with the aim of creating a sustainability culture. The second addressed the issue of single-use plastics in the workplace. It was an awareness campaign for the internal population that provided for the replacement of disposable plastic objects in the workplace with articles made of more sustainable materials.

Looking to the future means first thinking about those who will come after us. After all, it is them, more than anyone, to whom the future belongs.

Numerous other activities took place throughout the year (see the section on "Initiatives to promote dialogue with stakeholders").

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