Corporate Brand strategy and communication

Sofidel adopted a branding and communication strategy three years ago with the aim of further increasing its reputation and thus bringing value to the Group, sharing its strategies, commitment and projects better and more fully.

Today Sofidel addresses all its stakeholders in different ways depending on the stakeholder, and it does so by focusing attention on the media, institutions, financial communities, customers, suppliers, its own employees and the community as a whole.

The methods of dialogue with its employees have also multiplied: from the house organ to the Intranet, from screens in the plants to frequent notices, from e-learning to the newsletter on sustainability issues. Finally, by coining the concept of “One Company, One Brand” and creating events such as the Family Day or the Running Team, we have also tried to make the people in our geographically and culturally diverse workforce feel more united.

The names of most of the Group companies were revised and a single Sofidel brand visual identity was definitively approved back in 2016.

Sofidel’s visibility and reputation have increased thanks to:

  • good relations with the media, with significant press coverage in Italy as early as 2016, together with coverage by the European press since 2017 and more recently the American press since 2018;
  • the redesigned website and social media activity that focuses particularly on quality;
  • measured, but targeted, advertising campaigns;
  • the relaunch of the Soft & Green newsletter;
  • printed materials, photo shoots and videos.

Sofidel’s reputation is “high” (75.4 on a scale of 0-100), as also recognised by the Reputation Institute, which in 2018 ranked us among the top 17 companies in Italy and identified us as the eighth Italian company. In 2017, Sofidel was the 44th Italian company. This is all the more interesting since from 2017 to 2018 90% of companies in Italy and 95% in the world actually lost reputation, while Sofidel climbed 30 positions.17

We believe that three main types of activity contributed to our achievement of these results (see “Significant events during the year” and “Initiatives to promote dialogue with stakeholders”):

  • stakeholder engagement events and multiple public speeches made by our CEO and some Group executives in important institutional contexts;
  • our publications (for example, the 50th anniversary book, the two e-books, etc.);
  • greater synergy between corporate communication activities and product brands;
  • the organisation of various Sofidel events in Italy and abroad with the participation of exceptional speakers such as Gunter Pauli or Ellen MacArthur (see 3SAward, the prize for the most sustainable suppliers).

17. Reputation Institute is a world leader in reputation measurement and consulting through the main indicator RepTrak®.

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