Culture, ethics and values

The modus operandi of Sofidel is based on values and hard work, with strict regard for ethics. Sofidel has implemented a management model in line with the Management by Values methodology, which aims to create shared value by fully integrating social strategy with competitive strategy, in a vision of the business that encompasses multiple purposes.

Operating in compliance with ethical values represents a value added for Sofidel in terms of the company’s conduct and activities, fully compatible with profitability. Sofidel has therefore adopted a Code of Ethics that contains the Group’s values – such as professionalism, honesty, transparency, fairness, humility, ethics and sharing – the principles of its behaviour and conduct towards stakeholders, as well as a Sustainability Charter which summarises all of its commitments regarding sustainability, which for Sofidel is a fundamental lever for the value creation process.

During this process, the social strategy and the competitive strategy contribute to the achievement of the business objectives. Corporate Social Responsibility is fully integrated within company decision-making, governance and daily operations.

Sofidel has obtained and maintains numerous product, process and system certifications, which it considers to have strategic value.

All of this forms the basis for the wider strategy of the organisation: the creation of shared value and enhancing relations with stakeholders throughout the value chain. It is fundamental for Sofidel to work with stakeholders in a healthy and constructive way, which is central for developing initiatives to promote and enhance the social and environmental fabric of the communities within which the company lives and works.

One of the concepts that best explains and summarises the management philosophy and culture of the Sofidel Group is Less is more: aware of the finite and precarious nature of the resources required by both man and industrial production, the company focuses on reducing waste and inefficiencies in order to continually improve production methods, limit environmental impacts (ecological footprint) at every stage and promote responsible consumption.

This fundamental guiding principle, which has always been the Group’s intangible heritage, is the cultural and industrial premise that has also enabled Sofidel to be adequately equipped to positively approach the idea of development inherent in the concept of the circular economy.

Based on all this, Sofidel’s ultimate goal is to provide products with ever greater functional qualities and innovative performance, while guaranteeing reduced environmental impacts and lower use of natural capital.

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